St. Patrick’s Day: Decor, Party Ideas & Fun With Kids!

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This is a really exciting time of year! East Tennessee is blooming back to life and we’re feeling particularly celebratory. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re ready to get in the spirit of St. Paddy’s, here are a few ideas for infusing your home with the Luck O’ the Irish.

Around the House

St. Patrick's Day - Jars

Decor can be as subtle or flashy as you’d prefer. Begin with that old standby, the humble mason jar. (One day we may post something that omits the recommendation to repurpose a jar. Today is not that day.) Paint the inside with chalk paint or spray paint in varying hues of grassy green, then stock them with fresh Spring blooms or branches.

Decorating your mantle is not strictly limited to Christmastime! Garlands, banners and St. Paddy’s-themed knick-knacks bring your fireplace to life. Pillar candles can be sourced affordably and switched out with the occasion or season–again, vibrant shades of green are a beautiful choice here. (No need to even switch out the holders!)

Rather than investing in larger pieces, you can cluster several small items together for a big effect. (Similarly, grouping an eclectic mix of decorative items on a side table brings a nice touch of cheer to a bare corner.) Thrift stores have no shortage of these items–especially on the endcaps of aisles. If you’re in need of a yearly refresh you can purchase new-to-you pieces, then donate them back when you’re finished so they can continue their journey.

St. Patrick's Day - knick-knacks
St. Patrick's Day - mantle

Crafting With Kids

DIY your decor for charm that won’t cost a pot o’ gold!

St. Patrick's Day - sun-catcher

Sandwich bits of tissue paper in varying shades of green between two pieces of contact paper for a sweet clover sun-catcher that’s sure to bring good luck. This is a great place to get the kids involved!

Of course, you can’t have your leprechaun magic without a rainbow! Fashion your own out of construction paper scraps into any variation you can imagine.

An extra-long rainbow chain would make a really cute garland for hanging along your staircase railing, mantle or windows!

St. Patrick's Day - construction paper
St. Patrick's Day - rainbow

Tasty Treats

Listen–when it comes to the requisite party goodies, a little bit of razzle-dazzle goes a long way. (Razzle-dazzle here meaning food coloring.) Green icing and maybe even green cupcake baking cups? Slam dunk, every time.

If you want to go the extra mile, though, consider coloring some basic sugar icing and piping it onto freshly-baked cookies. Bonus points for sparkly sprinkles.

St. Patrick's Day - cupcakes
St. Patrick's Day - cookies
St. Patrick's Day - skewers

You’ll want to have healthy and more filling options as well. Sliced and diced bites of green fruits like apples, grapes and kiwi look nice together on a skewer. And of course, a fresh all-green salad will be a welcome respite after eating more cupcakes than you’d care to admit.

For heartier bites, consider mini-quiches. They’re always a winning option regardless of the occasion, but for St. Paddy’s Day throw in diced jalapeno, green pepper and spinach.

Party favors are straightforward here: the requisite pot o’ gold. If you’ve yet to find a golden bounty of your own, store-bought is fine. Fill a jar with “gold” and finish with a bit of ribbon. Kids will be very into the chocolate gold coins. (Let’s call a spade a spade here—so will parents.)

St. Patrick's Day - coins

At the end of the day, there’s no wrong way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and spread a little luck and cheer around your home. (As long as you’re wearing green!) We wish you a joyous day of whatever festivities fit your style–even if it’s just an extra-generous bowl of Lucky Charms. ‘Til next time, top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

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