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Your master bedroom is your escape: your haven to rest, relax and recharge. While it’s important to create beautiful, functional common spaces like the kitchen and living room, it’s equally important to carve out a space that’s uniquely yours. Today, we’re offering up some basic principles of master bedroom decorating to help you cultivate the sanctuary of your daydreams. After all, positivity and productivity begin with feeling like your best (and most rested) self!

Make it Personal

Master Bedroom Decorating - Color

More than any other space in your home, your master bedroom is the perfect place for your signature touch. Decorate in hues you love—bold colors that you may not think to use in common spaces. Bright colors are energizing, while muted colors are calming. You want everything in your bedroom to exude comfort, and the color palette is no exception. Whether you’re a fan of warm or cool shades, pick colors that you naturally gravitate toward and give you a sense of calm.

In general, incorporate eclectic elements that speak to your own personality. Use artwork and knick-knacks that you absolutely love. If you’re opting for a statement piece of art, remember that less is more: allow this piece to absorb all the focus and decorate sparingly otherwise. When it doubt, keep it simple.

Set the Mood Thoughtfully

Working with a smaller space? Make the most of a petite room with monochromatic tones. Create the illusion of spaciousness by sticking to one light color. This will give the space an open, airy feel. Layering pieces throughout your space, like bedding and even rugs, creates depth and visual interest.

Put outdoor views front and center to take advantage of the expanse of the great outdoors.

Master Bedroom Decorating - Monochromatic
Master Bedroom Decorating - Curtains

How you frame your windows is a bigger decision than you may think! Simply switching out your window treatments makes a world of difference. Sheer layers let the light in beautifully. Double (or even triple) up for a luxe, bohemian look.

If upping your restful sleep is a goal of yours, use blackout curtains. Heighten the visual drama with bold, floor-length drapery.

Finally, keep lighting in mind. Your haven deserves more than a singular overhead light. Include several lamps around the room and install a dimmer to overhead lighting to change the mood as needed. Step outside the box in terms of the fixture itself, as well—who’s to say you can’t use a small chandelier?

Master Bedroom Decorating - Lighting

Find Furnishings That Speak to You

When it comes to selecting furniture, keep it in proportion. Consider the space you’re working with carefully before you begin to curate your pieces. The key to optimizing visual appeal is to outfit your room with items that fit its scale. Got a larger, more airy bedroom? Use oversized pieces like mirrors and headboards to prevent “spacious” from verging into “sprawling.” Lived-in always feels better than sparse.

Master Bedroom Decorating - Nightstand

Get creative and multipurpose your furniture! It’s always satisfying to repurpose items to fit your exact needs. If you’re limited on space in your bedroom, size up your nightstand ever so slightly. You’ll more than make up for the few inches lost with storage capacity for books, jewelry, tech or even clothing like your pajamas.

Anything can be a headboard! It feels particularly special and bespoke to repurpose a vintage wooden mantel, door or window frame for a headboard. Chalk paint lends a shabby-chic feel, or you can go bold and tonal.

If you prefer to change your decor with the seasons, consider using curtains as a headboard! Switch up to your heart’s delight. For a special sparkly touch, layer LED lights underneath sheer curtain panels.

Master Bedroom Decorating - headboard
Master Bedroom Decorating - Sitting Area

Consider creating a sitting area. It doesn’t have to be expansive—an unused corner of your room will do. Use one or two nice chairs. (Click here to see some of our beautiful selection of accent chairs! We’ve got options to suit every taste.) This is a great place for a small sideboard or bookshelf to hold whatever your love to use to listen to music.

The challenge, of course, is avoiding letting it become “the chair” that holds the day’s castoffs and unfolded laundry. Mindfulness is the key to developing self-care and organization habits that set you up for success during the day. Creating unique, designated spaces gives your room a sense of structure and flow.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong when you let your heart guide you in decorating your master bedroom. It’s all about creating a space you enjoy and look forward to spending time in. If it feels relaxing and revitalizing, you’re on the right track! You can reevaluate as the months go by and make changes to keep your space feeling fresh and in-step with your season of life.

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