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For many folks, working remotely is a dream come true. When you’re not bound to working in a traditional office, you can fit your workspace into your life to better suit your needs. Of course, there are potential pitfalls. Cranking out projects within eyeshot of countless tempting creature comforts takes practice. Mindset is everything! Get yourself into a focused, productive headspace by compartmentalizing “work life” and “home life” with a separate home office. If you work from home, check out our tips to set yourself up for success with a home office where you can really get things done.

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First, find your light!

..And preferably, it’s natural! Use lamps where needed but ideally your chosen office space has plenty of daylight. Bonus points if you give yourself a nice view. Location is everything! You’ll be spending a significant amount of time in your office so it should be spacious enough to meet your needs and far enough away from distractions for you to focus. Don’t stuff yourself into a forgotten corner or unused walk-in closet. If possible, consider painting the walls a color you love.

Strategize your setup.

Naturally, you’ll need a place to work. Office furniture extremely important to your health. Find an ergonomically-supportive chair that you’re comfortable sitting in for long stretches. Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor or on a footrest and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Adjust armrests so your arms gently rest on them with your shoulders relaxed. Standing desks are a great second option to have!

Home Office - Ergonomics

Once you’ve found the desk of your dreams, pay attention to your posture. Your monitor should be arm’s length away–directly behind your keyboard and situated so that your main light source is to the side.  The top of your computer screen should be at or slightly below eye level. If you wear bifocals, lower the monitor an additional 1 to 2 inches for more comfortable viewing. If you frequently talk on the phone and type or write at the same time, place your phone on speaker or use a headset rather than cradling the phone between your head and neck.

Store things beautifully.

Home Office - Baskets

It’s an office, yes—but it’s your home first and foremost! There’s plenty of room to infuse your style and create function that feels more lived-in than sterile.

Hide what you don’t want to look at, such as unsightly cords or your printer. If you’re overwhelmed by untidy piles of papers, notepads or receipts you can clear the clutter with attractive baskets.

If you’re working with a tight space, consider installing floating shelves. You can affix lights underneath to nix the need for space-sucking lamps.

Forgo the file cabinets and repurpose a dresser to meet your storage needs. Bookcases can hold plenty of important items with the help of storage bins—plus, there’s room for decorative items to spark some joy. Smaller items like end tables and nightstands can be great options, as well–for example, the Ashley Kisper End Table has tons of mid-century minimalist charm and room for supplies!

Home Office - Ashley Kisper End Table

Finally, wall space is valuable real estate! Make use of magnet boards, peg boards, white boards and hanging wire grids and baskets. This will give your workspace some industrial flair and much-needed functionality. If you come by your wall fixtures second-hand and they don’t quite fit your aesthetic, simply spray-paint them to your liking.

Home Office - Wall Space

Decorate sparingly and functionally.

Granted, the last thing you want to do is distract yourself with clutter. You will need a few stylized touches to inspire yourself, though! Think of what motivates you. You could set out a picture of your pets, friends or family to bring a smile. An award or commemoration of career success could sit proudly on a shelf to remind you you’re doing a great job on rough days. If you’re the creative type, a beautiful framed piece of art could be exactly what you need to spark the energy you need to perform at your best.

Home Office - Plant on Shelf

Bring in the plants! This is another area where natural light will be key. Certain plants like snake plants, spider plants, English ivy and the Chinese evergreen can purify your air in addition to lifting your spirits.

If flowers are more your style, look into the peace lily or Barberton daisy. Whatever your taste, there are plenty of hardy indoor plants that are fairly easy to care for.

Home Office - Plenty of Plants
Home Office - England Smyrna Sleeper

Finally, make space to relax. You can avoid temptations to leave the “office” before it’s time if you create a place to relax when you need a break. Consider a futon or loveseat (the England Smyrna Collection has plenty of great sleeper options) if you’ve got the space for it. If you’re in need of a restorative power nap, the opportunity is there. After all, you’re at home.

We hope this has been a great jumping-off point for creating a home office where you can really get things done! As always, Sofas & More carries plenty of premium options for outfitting your dream office–at a value that makes great business sense. We’ve got a wide selection of office furniture at our showroom at 7114 Maynardville Pike in Knoxville! Until then, we wish you many happily productive days in a space you truly love.

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