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At Sofas & More in Knoxville, TN, we feel that it’s our responsibility to help you understand the popular style options for sofas for your home. After all, “sofas” is in the name of our store. We’re taking your sofa knowledge to the next level with this easy sofa style guide, and hopefully it will help you find the perfect sofa for your space.


Chesterfield Sofa

This 19th century English design features tight tailoring, a high back, rolled arms and tufting. In leather, it’s tough and masculine. Done in a bright wool, it’s somewhat traditional. In linen, it’s elegant and refined. (Whichever material you choose, solid colors work best for Chesterfield).

Sofa Style Guide - Chesterfield Sofas

Cambelback Sofa

Dating back to the 18th-century British designer Thomas Chippendale, this piece has an old-world sophistication but also looks surprisingly modern in a solid linen fabric. Hand-me-downs can be updated with a tailored slipcover. The perfect opportunity to utilize your creativity!

Sofa Style Guide - Camelback Sofas

Slipper Sofa

Streamlined and neat, like an elongated slipper chair, this option is made more for entertaining than lounging. Usually thin and open, it does well in small spaces. Perfect if you turn a spare room into a dressing room or make-up space, voila!

Sofa Style Guide - Slipper Sofas

Tuxedo Sofa

A classic and popular modern choice, this sofa is luxurious yet decidedly no-frills. A straight profile (the arms and back are the same height) give it a more masculine feel. Tuxedo sofas work in any room, modern or traditional. This style of couch would fit perfectly into a any modern home, from traditional to contemporary.

Sofa Style Guide - Tuxedo Sofas

French Settee Sofa

Often seen in a Louis XIV style, this regal option is delicate, formal, and architectural. The exposed carved-wood frame provides a structured contrast in a room of heavily upholstered pieces. Not for everyone, but completely for some. If your room has a very classic, elegant or old-word decor style, a French settee sofa is a wonderful addition to perfect your space.

Sofa Style Guide - French Settee Sofas

English Three Seater

Another popular item in American households, this crumpled, yet aristocratic, country-house staple has soft, deep cushions and low arms that make it ideal for watching TV. If your comfort zone has room for a little drama, add an English three-seater and enjoy the look and comfort.

Sofa Style Guide - English Three-Seater

Sectional Sofa

Casual, with a ‘70’s lounginess, sectional sofas remain an extremely popular option today. Good for establishing a sitting area, a space to entertain or just a comfy spot to watch TV with the whole family. Sectional sofas minimize the need for other seating in a room. A version with legs cuts down on the bulky look

Sofa Style Guide - Sectional Sofa

Knole Sofa

This somewhat rare style is named after a grand house of King Henry VIII. Super-classic and formal, but very cozy and sheltering. Hinged sides untie and drop flat so you can lie down.

Sofa Style Guide - Knole Sofas

Modern Sofa

More sculpture than sofa, this piece can float in the middle of a room. To break up the modernity, add a more traditional light fixture and decor to balance the room

Sofa Style Guide - Modern Sofa

And that’s that, we hope this sofa style guide has been helpful. These are 9 of the most popular types of sofas today. No matter what style suits you best, we invite you to come to our showroom at 7411 Maynardville Highway in Knoxville and find a sofa that fits you.

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