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Ready to buy a sofa? A sofa is one of the biggest furniture purchases you are likely to make. It’s also a key focal point of your home and a piece that may lasts for generations. But, don’t let the furniture shopping process stress you out. If there’s one thing that we know at Sofas & More, it’s sofas! We’ve seen a lot of people come through the showroom a little unsure about what sofa they should choose, or how to buy a sofa that works for their home.

We can’t offer detailed advice to every single person online that wants to know how to buy a sofa (unless you visit our showroom), but we can provide some great general sofa-buying tips that are good for just about anyone!


Step 1: Match Your Style
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Buy a sofa with style that matches your own. If you are more traditional, choose a sofa with rolled arms and tufted cushions, like this one from Vaughn-Bassett. If you lean toward contemporary, choose a sofa with cleaner lines and understated upholstery. If there are other skirted pieces in the space, choose a sofa with exposed legs and vice versa. If you’re short on space, look at sofas with low arms, or no arms at all, to make your  room look bigger.

Step 2: Go With A Classic Color & Fabric
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Buy a sofa with neutral colors and switch out throw pillows to update the look. Take into consideration the dura­bility and finish of your fabric selection. If you have small children or pets, you’ll want to pick a fabric that is heavy-duty and stain-resistant. Lighter and neutral colors are less likely to show dust and hair and more likely to work in a variety of rooms, with a variety of decorations.

Step 3: Buy Quality
Buy A Sofa Quality Counts

Quality counts when you buy a sofa. A solid base and adequate stuffing will ensure the longest life possible. Actually sitting on the sofa before purchasing it helps you make sure the cushions are as firm, or as soft, as you want and will allow you to detect any wobble or weakness in the frame or legs. There are several handfuls of legacy brands that have been manufac­turing quality furniture for decades. Before you shop discount stores, imports, or start-up companies online, consider options from brands with a rich his­tory of quality products and outstanding reviews.

Bonus Step: Just Visit Sofas & More

It’s easy to buy a sofa with confidence in Knoxville or anywhere else. Wait to purchase until you get a good feeling from the retailer and sales team that is helping you, you’ll want to trust that they can help if anything happens to your new sofa. Shop until you find the combination of look and feel that makes everyone in your family happy. And if you really want to know how to buy a sofa, come on down to Sofas & More at 7114 Maynardville Pike in Knoxville. Our staff will be happy to help you try out every sofa in stock and explain the differences in base, padding, style and more. Find something you like and you’ll be all set, we offer affordable options, customization, and help with financing! Happy sofa shopping!

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