May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring

May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Featured 2

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. We know.

Let’s face it–sometimes nothing brightens your day like the fresh buds and new life of springtime. And after all those April showers, the May flowers are a welcome respite and comfort! Often times, it’s all too easy to tread into dated territory when you infuse your home decor with floral patterns. Fear not–there’s a tasteful, modern way to incorporate the blooms you love into your home’s design! Check out these simple tips.

May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Sofa

Furnish your furniture.

If you like covering your furniture, you can source a slipcover with a floral pattern that suits your current taste. This will give the furniture a new and a classy look–while being reassuringly non-committal. Make sure you upholster your furniture in a way that complements your interior decor rather than competing with it. Offset the pattern with textured throws and pillows in solid, complimentary shades.

Deck the walls.

Floral patterns can create an especially romantic gesture or communicate a hidden message. Find a wallpaper that speaks to you or your partner and make it very visible in your sitting room or bedroom. For a tinier touch, create a statement wall with your floral pattern and opt for more subtle background shades like beiges, taupes and greys.

May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Wallpaper
May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Wallpaper 2
May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Soft Neutrals

Opt for soft neutrals..

This year’s trend we can expect to see is a shift toward neutral shades, with soft color palettes made up of subtle tonal differences. As people are increasingly recognizing the need for sustainability and opting for organic produce, we’ve seen that floral trends are beginning to follow suit. Blooming textures combined with subtle shades makes for a calming, mood-boosting presence in your decor.

..or, pack a punch of color!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, psychedelic color palettes are another top trend that’s set to take design by storm in 2021! Inspired by colorful prints from the ’70s, designers in the fashion and interiors worlds are taking their cue from the decade of Flower Power with the resurgence of loud, unapologetic combinations. At the end of the day, choosing to go neutral or bright with your spring florals is all about your personal preference and what kind of tone you’re looking to set in your home.

May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Bright

Plants with a purpose!

When selecting fresh spring florals for your home, try keeping functionality in mind as well as aesthetics! Mental health and self-care have been big discussion points throughout 2020, and 2021 will likely see the continuation of this trend. Remember that you can use plants and flowers holistically–particularly to aid physical and mental health issues. Many plants have health benefits from purifying the air and reducing anxiety to relieving headaches and boosting mood. Want to solve a particular problem you’ve been having lately? Do some quick research into plants that can aid you and decorate your home with them.

May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Air-Purifying Plants
May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Minimal

Don’t overstyle.

When it comes to the arranging of spring florals, simplicity is going to be key this season. Design trends show an increasing demand for stripped back, minimalist compositions. If you’re doing your own arrangements, keep it simple for spring and you won’t go wrong.

What’s old is new again!

Dried flowers were a big trend back in the 1980s! Although they fell out of favor in the early 2000s, they’re back for 2021. This time around, they are super-stylish and beautiful. Leave them in a vase or simply hanging up. You can create a wreath, or press them between the pages of a book. You can even turn them into potpourri: Adding the dried petals to some fresh herbs and organic oils is simple and gives you the gift of instant aromatherapy.

May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Dried Arrangement 2
May Flowers: Tasteful, Timely Florals for Spring - Dried Arrangement

There are plenty of chic new ways to bring spring florals into your home decor for 2021. As always, at the end of the day it’s all about expressing yourself and creating the kind of home you want for yourself. Keep the vibe you’re going for in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

Looking for new pieces to include in your spring redo? Check out what we’ve ready for you online today at our website–or stop by in person at 7114 Maynardville Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee. Come see what kind of deals we’ve got blooming before they go out of season!

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