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There’s truly no quicker or more effective way to set the mood or completely change the feel of your home’s decor than with your choices in home lighting. From larger fixtures to the small touches, every selection you make creates a major atmospheric change so you can have the exact look you’re after. Today, we’ve got a few on-trend lighting options to create the feel you want in your space!

Two Words: Warm. Light.

When replacing the light bulbs around your home, opt for a warmer bulb if you haven’t already. This is especially important in the living room, dining room, bedrooms or any other space where you want soft, cozy lighting. Warm white is more relaxing for the eyes. It softens the skin tone and reduces imperfections.

Light It Up! | On-Trend Lighting Options - Warm Light
Light It Up! | On-Trend Lighting Options - Statement

Let Lighting Be Your Focal Point

Thoughtfully placed, cleverly designed and carefully crafted ceiling lights can transform rooms! In 2021, lighting will become a starting point for design rather than an afterthought.

As a general rule of thumb, larger spaces can take more daring home lighting pieces. That doesn’t mean you have to shy away from unconventional light fittings in smaller spaces, though–especially if you dial back some other design elements.

Go Sculptural for Table & Floor Lamps

Table lamps with sculptural shapes and bold designs turn your lamps into pieces of art, creating visual interest even when the light’s off during the day. Think of your home lighting as an art piece or sculpture, like a design-led finishing touch.  A light is a good way to throw surprise in a room, to merge modern with traditional.

Use pairs of lamps to accentuate a beautiful sideboard or console table (check out our online options here), or frame a larger piece of furniture such as a sofa or bed.

Floor lamps are stately and elegant and can be placed next to an armchair or sofa to create a comfortable reading spot. Or, light up that dark and forgotten corner of your hallway with a statement design to breathe new life into your home!

Light It Up! | On-Trend Lighting Options - Sculptural

Play With Color & Pattern

In 2021 fun, playful and design-led shades and bases will be popping up in the world’s most beautiful interiors. People want to inject color and vitality into their spaces, while keeping classic silhouettes and timelessness in mind to ensure their purchases last a lifetime as their interiors change. Color and pattern can be such vital elements in both our lives and our homes. They can speak to us at aesthetic and emotional levels: Setting the mood often rests entirely on the lighting you choose.

In some spaces, you can forget about using one main lighting source. Instead, illuminating a few lamps around the room creates a more interesting, flattering lighting scheme. This way, you can be more flexible with what you intend to light. For example, a reading corner would benefit from an elegant swan-neck wall light, while a piece of art would look spectacular on the wall between two table lamps on a credenza or sideboard. You can see our current online selection of lamps here.

Light It Up! | On-Trend Lighting Options - Color
Light It Up! | On-Trend Lighting Options - Pattern

Loving LED? Use It The Right Way!

If you’re taking a tip from TikTok and want to incorporate LED lights into your design, bear one thing in mind: They should be hidden! Don’t mount them along your corners in plain sight; while this looks relatively fine at night, it’s a total eyesore during the day. (Sorry not sorry.) Instead, mount them underneath cabinets to give a quick, easy illusion of lights–or consider under or behind your bed or even inside your closet.

Light It Up! | On-Trend Lighting Options - LED
Light It Up! | On-Trend Lighting Options - Can

Can It!

Can lights are a more sophisticated approach to quick and easy home lighting. They can be placed in the corners of your room or, to switch things up, place them behind your plants to add a beautiful touch of warmth. Plus, they can be sourced fairly easily and inexpensively–and they’re simple to move around, so no commitment’s required.

Lighting sends a message and sets the tone in your home. As important as your home lighting is to the overall feel of your space, it’s thankfully pretty simple (and fun) to experiment and find out what works for your home decor! You can see a great selection of in-stock lighting options at our 7114 Maynardville Pike showroom in Knoxville, TN to get an idea of where to begin–but the possibilities are endless. So, what are you waiting for?? Light it up!

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