Staycation-Ready Summer Decor

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - featured 2

Summer is here! You may not have any vacations on the docket, but a few touches around your house can make you feel like you’re on a staycation! If it’s time to switch it up for a new season, we’ve got some summer decor tips to give your interior an airy, casual feel perfect for relaxing.

Accessorize With Citrus

This may be the most super-simple tip of all, but a bowl of citrus fruits like oranges or limes can do some serious heavy lifting to infuse a summery vibe. Plus, you’re keeping a healthy snack and good-looking cocktail garnish at your fingertips!

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - oranges

Fill Up Your Fireplace

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - shells

You’re certainly not going to be stoking any cozy fires in your fireplace for the foreseeable future, so why not put it to a different use? Arrange a selection of seashells, coral and driftwood in your firewood’s usual place. While you’re at it, scattering shells elsewhere in your home (especially paired with a shabby-chic lantern) immediately ups the seaside feel.

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - shells and lantern
Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - shells and frame

Change Out Your Shades

Lamp shades are a quick, easy fix and they’re pretty readily available at thrift and discount stores. Instantly switch up the mood with a woven jute or botanical fabric shade.

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - shade

Bulk Up Your Bar

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - cocktail

Fresh, fruity summer cocktails deserve a well-stocked station in your home! Get party-ready (even if it’s just a party for two) with everything you need for a mai-tai, mojito or fun tiki concoction. Don’t forget skewers for fresh fruit and paper umbrellas! Summer decor scores extra points if it’s functional and scene-setting.

Break Out the Spray Paint

Bring cohesion to a mismatched or stale patio set with a simple bucket or can of paint! Get a seaside vibe with a sharp navy blue, or make things airy and bright with a crisp white. For the uninitiated, spray paint is truly simple and fool-proof. If you don’t like the results, just switch up the color and try again!

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - spray paint

Spotlight Your Shabby Chic

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - Ashley Brashland

You might have some shabby chic pieces in your collection already. Rearrange your setup to put a spotlight on those items, because their comfortably-weathered look is ideal for a beach house vibe. If this is a look you love, we’ve got a great selection to choose from at our showroom–like this Ashley Brashland Bedroom Collection.

Switch Up Your Sheets

Don’t neglect the place you lay your head at night! With temperatures on the rise, you’ll sleep comfortably with lightweight summer bedding. Linen and cotton are both ideal fabrics for sleeping in the heat. They are woven from natural fibers (cotton is cotton, while linen is woven from the flax plant) that breathe remarkably well, which is key for staying cool. Try out a percale weave in beach-inspired patterns and colors like blue and aqua.

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - sheets

Frame A Map

Staycation-Ready Summer Decor - map

You may not have any big trips on the docket, but nothing’s stopping you from daydreaming! Frame a map of your favorite vacation destination (or the one you dream of making it to someday) and mentally plan your trip every time you see it.

As you can see, the smallest touches can breathe a sea breeze into your home! While you definitely don’t have to make any major changes, your interior design dreams may involve some larger pieces. If that’s the case, come see us at 7114 Maynardville Pike to find the new additions that’ll help you feel the sand between your toes–no vacuum necessary.

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