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Spending plenty of time at home? Then you’ve probably been looking at the same home decor for just a little longer than you’ve wanted to. Revamping your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t even have to leave your house! Today, we’re exploring how to redecorate with what you have.

Rearrange Your Furniture

This one’s a no-brainer. Get an easy start on a fresh perspective by experimenting with different furniture arrangements to transform the space. Flip your living room sofa to face the other direction, or rotate chairs around the room until you land on the ideal placement. If you don’t like the final layout, no harm done—you can always move the pieces back.

Redecorate With What You Have - rearrange

Movin’ (Curtains) on Up

Hanging your curtains a little higher is an easy trick to give your room the appearance of added height. Measure your curtains first to make sure they’ll just graze the floor before repositioning the rod. Need a little extra length? Hang the curtain from drapery clips.

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Redecorate With What You Have - baskets

Objects as Wall Art

No need to splash out on expensive wall hangings to create a striking display! Curate a collection of objects you already own, like hats or shallow baskets. Then, mount them on the wall together to make one big statement. It’s a nice personal take on the gallery wall–and one of the most literal ways to redecorate with what you have.

Fill Your (Non-Functional) Fireplace

It might go without saying that this tip is for folks with non-working fireboxes. Try lining the inside with books from your home collection. You could go for a theme content-wise, or just use books of a similar size.

In the kids’ room, fairytale books or vintage young adult novels would be charming–and give them something to reach for when they’re bored. In the living room, you could use back issues of National Geographic or other travel magazines and books–or coffee-table volumes of art. Romance novels would be a cheeky touch in a bedroom, especially if you’ve got a soft boudoir theme in place already.

If you would prefer matching look, wrap them in coordinating paper first. If it’s the jumbled look that doesn’t strike your fancy, set up a bookshelf that fits your firebox well.

Redecorate With What You Have - fireplace
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Redecorate With What You Have - spray paint

Repaint Some Furniture

This is the ultimate hack for yard-sale or thrift-store pieces that look like they’ve seen better days. Nothing’s easier than spray paint and best of all, no one will be able to tell how quick and simple your work was. Lightly sand the surface of your item to give the paint something to stick to, clean your piece off and give it a coat or two of paint. If you like the look of brushstrokes, run a brush over afterward before it dries.

Liven Up Your Shelves

If you’ve got remnants of wallpaper, fabric, contact paper or even wrapping paper to use up, try this! Line the backs of bookcases or built-ins for a big impact.

Redecorate With What You Have - shelf
Redecorate With What You Have - pillows

Recover Your Pillows

New throw pillows are super-pricey and honestly—your pillows aren’t the bit that needs replacing. It’s just the cover that needs updating, so why not swap it out? If you’re looking for a DIY projects you can make your own; you can even use old clothing items for fabric.

Redecorate With What You Have - hanger

Display a Poster

Frames are something else that tends to be expensive. Skip the frame! Instead, redecorate with what you have and use items that might not be getting much use around your house.

Use a wooden pants hanger to display a poster or piece or art instead. It’s best to hang a smaller piece that is just slightly wider than the hanger itself. (Wider posters might get floppy at the corners.)

You can also try mounting a clipboard (or several if you’d prefer a large display) to hang pictures. Switching pieces out couldn’t be easier!

Redecorate With What You Have - clipboards

Remove Your Cabinet Doors

Create your own trendy open shelving by removing your kitchen cabinet doors. Fill any holes with putty, then pair or stain to match the cabinet box. Display your favorite dishes and cookware or large jars of pantry staples like rice and pasta. The catch? You’ve got to keep it neat.

Redecorate With What You Have - open shelving

Show Off Family Art

If you do have some spare frames to hang, why not use them for your family’s own masterpieces? Keep it fresh by changing out pieces as your kids’ talents develop.

Redecorate With What You Have - kid art

Spending extra time inside doesn’t mean you have to feel “stuck” if you put your imagination to good use! It’s cheap (or in some cases, free!) to redecorate with what you have in the house already and doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are looking to add a few new key pieces, our showroom at 7114 Maynardville Pike in Knoxville is now open! Click here to see our selection, then give us a call or come see us in-person!

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