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We love Christmas in the city, but there’s just something about a country Christmas that’s charming, memorable and oh-so dreamy. Farmhouse decor has been so popular this year and you can take that trend right into your holiday season. You’ll be ready to host your annual Christmas party or just get nice and cozy by the fire with some of these helpful tips for getting into the farmhouse Christmas decor style.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Mantle 1
Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Mantle 2

First stop, the fireplace!

Your mantle can easily be dressed up or down. Try industrial decorations on top or frosted trees with stockings flanking the sides. (Those who know their way around a sewing machine should consider whipping up some stockings from vintage grain sacks!) Pay attention to the finish of your metal decorations; rather than using bright and shiny objects, go with a brushed, weathered or rusted patina. This will look true to the theme and also help your decorative items fit seamlessly into any color palette.

Spruce up your kitchen.

Don’t forget about your kitchen when decorating for Christmas. Throw some greenery over the windows. Go to an antique store to find some miniature Christmas villages to put on unused shelving. You can also put an additional tree in the kitchen just to keep the theme of Christmas moving throughout your home. Swap out dish towels and potholders for versions in red tartan and gingham—instant (and functional) holiday cheer!

But wait..there’s myrrh!

Dresser-tops and bookshelves are the perfect spot for an impromptu holiday display! Consider using a small collection of similarly-colored items to create a statement. Go red or green for Christmas—the items don’t even have to be traditionally associated with Christmas but the color is what makes this display. Remember to group items together using “The Rule of Three,” a decorating trick of arranging items in odd numbers—it’s more appealing to the eye.

Make a mistle-toast!

The finishing touch?  A gorgeous tablescape will light up your dining area! Your dining-room table can easily be themed with the rest of your home. Set up the plate positioning with wreaths or candles. A collection of large antique jars or vases makes a lively centerpiece. Lastly, tie it all together with a table runner. We’ve got two words—buffalo check. Especially when in red or green and black, it’s a modern cozy staple that you’ll get plenty of mileage out of for years to come. You can really use your imagination here! A thoughtful tablescape doesn’t have to be complicated but can go for miles to give your home an inviting, lived-in feel.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Table 1
Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Table 2
Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Scrabble

Decorating your home should be an enjoyable creative outlet—otherwise, what’s the point? Use this time to stretch your imagination and really play with what sparks your Christmas spirit. Think outside the box when decorating your home this holiday season. Use all your senses—don’t forget the sounds of Christmas! A few sleigh bells on the door, and you’re there. At the end of the day, don’t overthink it. Just keep one idea in mind if you’re considering the farmhouse Christmas decor style: rustic. Your end goal is comfy and lived-in—which really, is what you want from your living space all year round.

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