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At first glance, home decor and effective interior design can feel like a major investment—and to some extent, it is. It’s definitely important invest in a quality base of pieces that feel timeless and will serve your family well in the long term. But when it comes to trendier looks and small tweaks, you certainly don’t have to break the bank to experiment with the look you want! Check out a few of our ideas for affordable home decor updates you can try out in your own space—and switch out easily for a fresh new look.

Paint an Accent Wall

By now you’ve probably seen the newest take on the accent wall trend—the painted arch! Painting your walls on your own is one of the most affordable home decor updates you can make to your home. Painting just one wall—or part of one—is an affordable (and seriously cool) upgrade.

Affordable Home Decor - Arch 1
Affordable Home Decor - Arch 2

Give Your Sofa The Slip

If you’ve got a quality sofa you love (one of these timeless living room sets, for example) but are tempted to change up the look or color palette of your space, don’t go out and buy an entirely new sofa. Instead, purchase a simple slipcover to give your space a new look. Experiment with color and texture with pillows, blankets and throws to nail the vibe you’re after.

Affordable Home Decor - Basket Wall

Go For A Gallery Wall

Framed prints don’t have to be expensive, especially if you opt for a smaller size. Group several small-scale pieces together for a big-time impact. If you never use the china plates from your wedding or you love the look of a cheap set you scored from a thrift or department store, plates can make for some seriously chic wall décor. Hang a few in a cluster on a blank wall for an instant update.

Same goes for baskets, as shown here! The sky’s the limit when it comes to crafting your gallery wall.

Affordable Home Decor - Gallery Wall

Add Trim To Your Curtains

Instead of buying new curtains, invest in what you already own! If you know your way around a sewing machine you can change up your curtains to your heart’s content (or even make new ones). There are easier options, too—you can add an iron-on trim to basic curtain panels in a single afternoon.

Layer Up On Rugs

Larger rugs can definitely cost a pretty penny. If you’re looking to go the cost-effective route, try investing in a smaller rug you love, then layering it on top of a coordinating larger and cheaper rug. The end result is just as luxe–and won’t zap your decor budget.

Solid colors work well as a base layer, but it’s also fun to experiment with textures like a woven or jute rug as well. Don’t worry about the shapes matching perfectly! Even a freeform shape like a natural cowhide looks lovely over a larger square or rectangular rug.

Affordable Home Decor - Layered Rugs
Affordable Home Decor - Layered Rugs 2

Lastly, Hide Those Cords!

It’s easy to forget about the small–but noticeable–difference cleaned-up cords can make! Cord concealers can be easily (and affordably) sourced from Amazon or your local home improvement or home goods store. Hiding unsightly cords and wires by the TV or lighting fixtures will go a long way in making your home look effortlessly clean and organized.

The bottom line? If you’ve already got a collection of quality pieces you love and that were built to last, you don’t need to start from square one to get a fresh, on-trend look. Sofas & More always has a wide variety of beautiful accent pieces to choose from (plus a ton you can buy online here!) but more often than not you don’t need to purchase anything new. There are several simple tricks you can implement (often in a day or less!) to keep your space fresh, current and appealing to your current taste.

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